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Lands and wines of Guardia Sanframondi

To make a good wine it could seem sufficient to start from the best grapes and then process them skilfully. Indeed the difference lies in the presence of qualities such as tradition, love and inclination for viticulture. It is only thanks to the utmost care, to a careful selection and to the user of the most advanced technolies that the fragrances and the the perfumes of place, of a soil are perpetuated, enhanced, in what we can define a good wine. The are the essetial conditions from which the wines " La Guardiense " are originated. To produce them, every year the grapes of 1900 hectares land are harvested and processed. We are talking of an area in the Samnium around Benevento where viticulture is practised since ancient times, where at about 359 m above sea level there are green and sunny hills. The climare is ideal, not too cold in winteer and sunny and not too rainy is summer. The vineyards are planted on the most suitable soils and the grapes, before begin selected, are dealt with daily care and attention. The features, the character of the single wines do change: every single bottle is more suitable for a certain taste, a certain food, a particular situation. All wines " La Guardiense " however, have a common feature, they are strong and intense. No one who already knows them can deny that they con seduce even the most refined tasters.