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I Riti e Tradizioni di Guardia Sanframondi

Every seventh year, in the month of August, the Assumption is celebrated by thousands of belivers. The streets revive scenes taken from the New on Old Testament and the most suggestive moment is when as penitence the believers wind silently through the village wearing a white cowl and beating their chests with a cork sponge brisiling with pins. It is just in this land rich in passion and history that the wines " La Guardiense " are produced. Amd it is just the ability to preserve traditions together with the constant attention towards the most advanced techonologies which make these wines province. On the tables in Italy and abroad, " La Guardiense " brings all the proud, the passion and the constancy which make its wines so strong. It is for this reason that when we talk of these wines and of their production we cannot simply refer to viticulture: for the people here wine is real cult.

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